I’m down here at the Local Government Association (LGA) conference in Albury and remembering why local government is just so vital.  Meeting up with Councillors from Byron to Bega, and all places in between, I
realize again their commitment to their local communities and their local residents.

Sitting down with this crop of local representatives you get regaled with stories from the coal face of democracy (not my most green image I know).

For example I heard exchanges like how to fix up recycling: “What goes in your green bins?  You do food all food scraps great!”.

Also: “Try out this seat (as they pull others over to a swanky new metal seat outside the entertainment centre here) I hear it is locally made and just see how comfy it is. We should look into these for our new town square.”

There have been exchanges on best practice in modern local libraries, talk on finances and new reporting structures as well as plans for planning reform. Local Councillors also share a camaraderie forged from facing, and addressing, countless complaints with good humour, passion and commitment.

They do all of this for very little pay and often late into the night at council meetings well after they finish their day job.

In another post I will try any give some flavour of the frustration and anger most local government types have towards the current State government’s gutting of our planning laws and the mess it is creating in towns, suburbs and cities across NSW.

For now though I am enjoying the energy, enthusiasm and inspiration of local people working locally for the common good.

NB there is a terrific Green presence here at Albury as the photo in this post taken late yesterday of just a handful  of the Green team of Councillors shows.