If you haven’t seen it yet, yesterday brought the first victory for everyone who has protested for better planning laws in NSW, including a real voice for the community in the planning process.

New planning Minister Brad Hazzard yesterday announced a review of the Barangaroo development, and also the return of a number of Part 3A developments, such as the Coogee Bay Hotel, to local the relevant local councils for decision.

The government has bowed to public pressure. We are seeing what real grassroots campaigns can achieve. We must now ensure that when new laws come to Parliament they respect the rights of local communities and don’t return Part 3A through the back door.

Congratulations to everyone who has written letters, signed petitions and emailed members of parliament!

The Greens will continue to engage with individuals and community groups across NSW to ensure that the voice of the people is heard in all planning decisions.

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