Christian Democrats MP Fred Nile today promised that his negotiations with the government around the workers compensation scheme had restored journey claims to the legislation. However, examination of the CDP amendments now tabled show that they will not.

Greens NSW Industrial Relations spokesperson David Shoebridge said:

“Fred Nile has either been sold a lemon by the government or has deliberately misled the public.

“Reverend Nile stood outside NSW Parliament today and promised the assembled fire-fighters, nurses and teachers that he and his party had saved journey claims.

“The CDP amendment circulated will only cover journey claims where there is ‘a real and substantial connection’ between the work and the accident. This rules out 99% of journey claims and gives workers no protection at all.

“The moral imperative is now on Reverend Nile to support Greens amendments to retain journey claims and give firefighters and paramedics the same cover as all other emergency services workers,” Mr Shoebridge said.