Victims of crime and their advocates respond. 130515 Victims Compensation Cuts Event Invite

The NSW Government has announced its bill to completely overhaul the NSW Victims Compensation Scheme. Their bill is called the victims rights and support bill – it is available here.

My office has been contacted by many members of legal services, survivors organisations and individuals already expressing their concerns about the changes.

The principal concerns include that:

– The legislation places a 10 year limit on making claims for compensation payments. Given the time it takes many victims of childhood sexual abuse to come forward, many of these people will be no longer eligible for even the nominal payments offered by the scheme.

– The schedules placing defined figures on classes of compensation will mean that many victims of long standing domestic abuse will receive payments of only $1,500 – if they receive any payments at all under the new criteria.

We are holding a public forum to discuss concerns about these changes, and will also be inviting all members of Parliament to be present to hear the views of the community.

Details of the forum as follows: 

Speakers include: victims of crime, their advocates & legal experts.

Hosted by Greens MP David Shoebridge

Monday 20 May 2013


Newcastle Room, Newcastle City Hall 

290 King Street, Newcastle 

Contact: 9230 3030 for more information or email