This speech was delivered on 18 June 2013 in the NSW Upper House. You can read the full debate online here.


Mr DAVID SHOEBRIDGE: My question without notice is directed to the Minister for Roads, representing the Minister for Primary Industries. What is the 63.5 per cent increase in government funding for the Game Council set out in today’s budget intended to produce, or is it just a political payoff to the Shooters and Fishers Party?

The Hon. DUNCAN GAY: Point of order: I think that question contains argument.

The PRESIDENT: Order! Can I view the question as I did not hear the last part of it? There is argument in the question, but I will allow to be answered the part of it that does not contain argument.

The Hon. DUNCAN GAY: Mr President, can you help me? What is left when the argument is removed?

The PRESIDENT: I am sure you will find something.

The Hon. DUNCAN GAY: I will attempt to.

Mr DAVID SHOEBRIDGE: What is the purpose of the 63.5 per cent increase in Game Council funding?

The Hon. DUNCAN GAY: I thank the member for the question. I am sure it is to achieve improvements, but as it is a detailed question I will refer it to my colleague the Minister for Primary Industries for a detailed answer.