We did it!

Last week we achieved a major victory in NSW, and that’s worth celebrating.

The O’Farrell government has been embarrassed into abolishing the pro-gun pro-hunting Game Council NSW, suspending amateur hunting in state forests, and ending the idea of unrestricted amateur hunting in National Parks.


Game-Council-DecisionThis decision follows a decade-long campaign by the Greens, by animal welfare and environment groups, and by thousands of dedicated campaigners like you.

The Dunn Report into the governance of the Game Council NSW supported what we’ve been saying for years – the Game Council was basically a PR machine for hunters and shooters, and was failing in its obligations as a publicly funded body to be transparent, accountable and effective.

Unfortunately, the government has also announced trials of supervised volunteer shooters in twelve national parks, operating under the close instruction of NPWS rangers.

Thankfully though, these shooters will have to demonstrate exactly the same level of skill and training that NPWS Rangers have, and will only operate as part of targeted and evidence-based pest control programs.

Unlike what the Game Council and Shooters Party wanted, there will be no unsupervised hunting, no children allowed to hunt, and no hunting with bows, knives or dogs.

This announcement is a set-back for the pro-gun and pro-hunting lobby in NSW and a step towards best practice pest-management.

This is a significant outcome. But there are still opportunities for the gun lobby to reopen National Parks and state forests to unsupervised recreational hunters.

We will be maintaining pressure on the government to completely ban unsupervised amateur hunting on public land in NSW, and redirect the budget of the Game Council to professional pest control programs and further research into humane pest-control.

We’ll be in touch again soon, but in the meantime, please share this image with your friends to build the campaign to completely close the door on recreational hunting and shooting in our parks and forests.

Warm regards,

David Shoebridge & Mehreen Faruqi
Greens NSW MPs