The complete transcript of this hearing is available here.

David asked questions about

  • The problems with infrastructure in the Illawarra, particularly concerning how floods affect the rail line and other transport links in the Illawarra.
  • Controlling feral deer populations in the Illawarra, and the changes made to accommodate professional hunters which have increased feral deer populations.
  • The number of staff attached to the Minister for Illawarra who deal exclusively in matters regarding the Illawarra.
  • Funding for the Princes Highway.

The majority of the estimates hearing involved identifying key areas which the Minister for the Illawarra, John Ajaka, would take on notice. However, Minister Ajaka rejected the idea that the problem of feral deer in the Illawarra has something to do with a “deal with the Shooters Party”. The seasonal hunting of deer in the Illawarra is a condition of the professional hunting license for hunters in New South Wales.

All of these questions were taken on notice by Minister Ajaka

  • What the government is doing to flood-proof the rail line between Port Kembla and Wollongong
  • What are the government’s infrastructure plans in the region generally
  • What is being done to address the feral deer problem in the region, including how local councils are being engaged with the problem.
  • To engage with the stakeholders in feral animal control in the Illawarra about the effects of professional hunting licenses in that region.
  • Whether the sale of the Port Kembla port was used to fund the Princes Highway, and if the Princes Highway wouldn’t have been allocated the funds but for the sale

The answers to the questions taken on notice during the hearing can be found here.

After the hearing a number of supplementary questions on notice were also submitted, the answers to these questions can be found here.