Portable LSL sliderToday Greens MPs in Commonwealth and State Parliaments are uniting to call for an Australia-wide scheme to deliver Portable Long Service Leave for all working Australians.

You can read SA Greens MP Tammy Franks release on this issue here.

After 10 years’ solid work people deserve a break. Traditionally most Australian employees could have that break when they took long service leave (“LSL”) after 10 years continuous work with one employer.

However over the past three decades long term permanent employment has become scarcer with more mobility between jobs combined with an increase in casual and contract employment workers leaving only a minority with access to Long Service Leave.

Industry specific Portable Long Service Leave schemes currently operate in most states for specific classes of workers – meaning workers retain their rights to leave even when they move between different employers in the same industry. A limited form of portable long-service leave also applies in many state and federal public service jobs.

Today Greens MPs across the country are committing to work together to deliver Portable Long Service Leave for workers in all industries. The Greens are calling on Governments across the country to support workers in their state by modernising this basic entitlement.

Greens MP and Industrial Relations Spokesperson David Shoebridge said:

“More than 90 per cent of employment growth over the past 20 years has been in casual and contract work where long service leave is unavailable.

“As workplaces modernise and work intensified, it is important to take steps to retain some work-life balance, especially when it comes to paid leave.

“Long service leave makes it possible for workers to take a much needed break every ten years. This is a chance to see Australia, reconnect with family and friends, or just recharge your batteries after a decade working.

“The increase in movement between employers and the casualisation of the workforce makes portable LSL an important and necessary modernisation of a traditional entitlement.

“Portable long-service leave already applies in select industries at a state level, such as the construction and cleaning industries in NSW.

The Greens are committed to extend portable LSL scheme to all employees in NSW, and nationally. Under the Greens’ plan every employee, regardless of their work would be eligible for portable LSL.

“We are calling on all the parties to support this much needed reform to give working people well-earned rest every ten years,” Mr Shoebridge.