From brown paper bags of cash, a raft of illegal developer donations and endless lies and cover-ups from politicians, it is time that a focused and considered spotlight was turned on key planning and development decisions in the Newcastle and Hunter region. 

Terms of reference of the proposed inquiry

Terms of reference of the proposed inquiry

People across NSW have been following the trail of developer money, scandal and lies that has engulfed Newcastle and the Hunter in the past months.  While ICAC has uncovered and highlighted the scandal, it is essential that politicians of good character also stand up and show leadership. 

When NSW Parliament next sits in the week of 9 September 2014 the Greens will be seeking support for a motion that establishes a Parliamentary Inquiry into the planning process in Newcastle and the broader Hunter region.

You can join the campaign by signing the petition to contact the Premier, Shadow Minister for Planning and representatives from the Shooters & Fishers Party and Christian Democratic Party urging them to support this important inquiry: 

Supporting this inquiry would be a chance to begin re-establishing community faith in our politicians.