Our Animals in the Wild photographic competition was taken to Berrima last week with the exhibition being displayed at the Bell Gallery thanks to the fantastic support and organisation of the Southern Highlands Greens and Wingecarribee WIRES.

Animals in the Wild is an important part of our campaign against recreational hunting. The photo competition encouraged animal lovers and nature enthusiasts to explore the natural beauty that Australia’s forests and parks have to offer and the beautiful animals that make these habitats their home. It was a direct response to the appalling Huntfest in SouthCoast town of Narooma.

The winning photographs were handpicked by renowned Australian photographer Rex Dupain and send a clear message to shoot with a camera not a gun.IMG_8946.JPG9

We would love to bring the Animals in the Wild exhibition to a gallery near you. 

It would be great for you to team up with your local WIRES, animal rescue or conservation group to collaborate on this issue and join together in the campaign to put an end to recreational hunting on public land.

To get in touch with my office and organise an event, please contact (02) 9230 3030 or david.shoebridge@parliament.nsw.gov.au