jfb-profile-1The families of Clinton Speedy-Duroux, Evelyn Greenup and Colleen Walker, welcome the move by the NSW Attorney General Ms Gabrielle Upton, to implement the majority of recommendations from the parliamentary inquiry into their murders in the early 1990s.

The Standing Committee on Law and Justice tabled fifteen recommendations in response to the Parliamentary inquiry into the Bowraville murders in November 2014. In particular, the families of Clinton, Evelyn and Colleen welcome the review that will be undertaken by Justice James Wood into section 102 of the Crimes (Appeal and Review) Act 2001 to consider the definition of the word ‘adduced’ and if this will open the door for new criminal proceedings against those who may have committed the murders.

“For my family the journey still continues as Colleen was the first to go missing and is still missing to this day. We may never find Colleen but we still have hope that amendments in the Crimes (appeal & review) Act 2001 will be one step closer to justice.”  Muriel Craig – mother of Colleen Walker

“We understand this is just another step in our 25 year long fight, but we want to make clear that we will not rest until we have achieved justice for our precious children,” said Helen Duroux, Clinton Speedy-Duroux’s Aunty.

“Our families have withstood years of setbacks and failures of the criminal justice system; we have celebrated every victory however large or small. We view the move to review the states double jeopardy laws as a monumental step in the right direction; in many respects it is quite overwhelming” Ms Duroux concluded.

Michelle Jarrett, Evelyn’s Aunt stated “We’re very happy with the outcome but still a long way to justice; this has given us more hope.”

Elijah and Marbuck Duroux (Clinton’s nephews) added, “On behalf of our dad Marbuck Duroux (Clinton’s brother), we’d like to thank Detective Inspector Gary Jubelin and commend all three families on the mental strength and perseverance we have all shown over the past 25 years. We know dad has looked over us for the past 5 and a half years and helped us remain determined and optimistic.”

The three families were united again yesterday as they met with Mr David Shoebridge and Attorney General Gabrielle Upton in Sydney. Mr Shoebridge moved his double jeopardy reform bill (the Bowraville Bill) in NSW Parliament.

The parents,

Muriel Walker and Michael Craig – Colleen’s parents

Ivan William ‘Billy’ Greenup and Rebecca Stadham’s – Evelyn’s parents

Thomas Duroux and June Speedy – Clinton’s parents

Wish to give their sincere thanks to Detective Inspector Gary Jubelin and his team, Professor Larissa Behrendt and her colleagues at Jumbunna House of Learning, David Shoebridge MLC and the team at Allens Arthur Robinson for their ongoing commitment to seeking justice for our families. Without your commitment and support, we would not have been able to achieve what we have achieved to date.

For more information contact:

Leonie Duroux (Clinton’s family)

Lucas Craig (Colleens family)

Michelle Jarrett (Evelyn’s family)