A community campaign to save Wyong’s trees has been launched to overturn Wyong Council’s new policy of allowing all trees on residential land of less than 1500m2 to be cleared without first obtaining Council approval. 449322-65d453be-189b-11e5-8706-97259cdfe878

As reported by the Central Coast Advocate:

The policy was introduced after the April storms on top of the State Government’s controversial 10/50 code that allows landowners to remove trees within 10m and vegetation within 50m of a home without approval.

“I have lost at least three trees in my street since the new laws were introduced,” former Greens Wyong councillor and Mannering Park resident Sue Wynne said.

“These are hundreds of years old. I hear chainsaws every weekend, all weekend. That is the new norm.”

The community campaign will officially launch on Saturday 27th June at Warnervale Community Centre.


Greens MP David Shoebridge said:

“We have already seen the unthinking damage caused by the Coalition’s dreadful 10/50 bushfire laws that have led to thousands of trees lost without providing any meaningful protection in return.

“’The decision by Wyong Council to tear down decades of tree protection laws is deeply disrespectful to the community.  When this policy was placed on exhibition in 2014 nearly 90% of the community opposed it.

“This Liberal dominated Council is just following the lead of the new and undercooked Minister for Emergency Services, David Elliot, who called for fewer tree protection laws within days of taking office.

“The Greens are maintaining our call for evidence-based and rational policies on tree protection laws that protect life and property, but also maintain the beautiful tree lined suburbs that make the Central Coast so special,” Mr Shoebridge said.