The NSW Government today announced they will make changes to racial vilification laws, almost 2 years after a multi-party inquiry strongly recommended such changes. The final report of the inquiry into racial vilification law in NSW was delivered in December 2013. The report found that the current law needed to be changed, with many inappropriate obstacles to prosecutions and insubstantial penalties.

6 months later the Government delivered their response to the report. It stated only that the Government was considering the matter.

The complete response was as follows:

Government response

On 13 October 2015 David used question time to ask the Minister representing the Attorney General the following question:

I note that on 3 June 2014—more than one year and four months ago—the Coalition Government responded to the report of the Standing Committee on Law and Justice entitled “Racial vilification law in New South Wales” by saying that it “continues to consider” the report. I ask: When will the Government provide a substantive response to the 15 unanimous recommendations of that committee to improve racial vilification laws in New South Wales?

We will be monitoring these changes closely, and welcome feedback from all members of the community about the proposal.