NSW Parliament had six very special visitors to send a direct message to Parliamentarians to say no to night time duck hunting.

As reported by 9News:

Six fluffy ducklings have spent their day in the NSW Parliament as an upper house cross-bencher prepares to try to block hunters from shooting native ducks at night.

A regulation allowing night-time duck hunting near crops was quietly passed by the government last month.

Greens MP David Shoebridge, who plans to move a disallowance motion in the state’s upper house that would quash that regulation, said it was hard enough for bird hunters to make clean kills during daytime.

“Let’s give these little guys a safe rest at night,” he told reporters, as baby Wood ducks chirped at his side.

“One in four ducks that are shot during daytime duck-hunting are wounded and aren’t killed outright.

“They die a slow and agonising death over the days or weeks afterwards. When you’re shooting at night, when your visibility is far more restricted, the number of ducks wounded is just going to increase.”

In the last five years nearly 200,000 native ducks have been killed as a result of hunting, almost 75,000 of these were wood ducks.

151030 Duck hunting infogramThe Greens will be moving a disallowance motion in the Legislative Council when Parliament resumes in November, you can stand up to protect them by asking the Government, Opposition and cross-bench to support this motion:

You can also sign and share our petition calling for no night time duck hunting.