Greens NSW MP and Status of Women spokesperson Dr Mehreen Faruqi and Greens MP and Justice Spokesperson, David Shoebridge MLC, have welcomed the NSW Government’ endorsement of the current model of sex work decriminalisation. In response to the recommendations of the inquiry into brothel regulation, the NSW Government has ruled out a flawed licensing scheme as well as giving police more powers over brothels.

Greens NSW MP and Status of Women spokesperson Dr Mehreen Faruqi said:

“I am pleased to see that the NSW Government has refused the recommendation to introduce a regressive licensing scheme in NSW, something we know doesn’t work and would have only served to drive sex work underground.

“Whilst the NSW Government should never have even established such an inquiry dominated by conservative politicians, it is good to see they have refused to endorse the more extreme recommendations.

“The Government should be working to protect sex workers from the threats of prosecution, stigmatisation, fear and exploitation.

“The current approach of decriminalisation of sex work in NSW is a best practice model for protecting rights as well as health outcomes for workers” she concluded.

Greens NSW MP and Justice Spokesperson, David Shoebridge said:

“It is a win for common sense that the Government has recognised that police shouldn’t have the primary role in regulating sex work premises.

“The Greens continue to oppose ad-hoc entry and closure powers that are focused only on the sex industry, as it has the potential to stigmatise and marginalise workers in the industry.

“If criminal laws are broken then police should be involved, if planning regulations are broken then local councils need powers, this is the same for the sex work industry as every other industry in the state.

“Recognising sex work as real work means recognising that sex-industry specific legislation is unnecessary and inappropriate.” Mr Shoebridge said.