The Coalition came to government in 2011 on a promise to “return planning powers to communities,” this promise has been cast aside as Mike Baird creates a planning system that favours big developers and cuts out community consultation.

Greens MP and Planning Spokesperson David Shoebridge said:

“Communities and the environment will continue to bear the brunt of fast-tracked development with the time being taken to assess the biggest and most controversial developments being slashed in half again.

“The larger the project, the larger the impact, so these developments should have the highest levels of scrutiny and not be rushed through in a process that will almost certainly remove the chance for proper community consultation.

“Meanwhile the Coalition is stubbornly pressing ahead with a failed housing supply policy that will do nothing to address the dysfunctional housing market or approve housing affordability.

“Treasurer Berejkilian boasts a “record” 70,000 new home approvals but the reality is that until unfair tax concessions are reformed and community housing supply is massively, house prices will continue to surge.

Fast facts – Planning approvals:

  • The time taken to assess state significant development has been halved in the last two consecutive 2014/15 and 2015/16 budgets.
  • State significant development includes the biggest and most controversial planning projects such as Barangaroo, the Bays Precinct
  • Housing development applications will be determined within 40 days, with more than 50,000 housing approvals per year