Today’s announcement of the reshuffled NSW Coalition cabinet shows Gladys Berejiklian pressing Baird’s old law and order buttons while taking a confused path on council mergers.

Greens MP David Shoebridge said:

“Putting a far right wing MP in charge of a new Terrorism portfolio is a real threat to civil liberties in NSW.

“David Elliott drove a policy of greatly expanded private prisons in NSW and now he has a new super-terror portfolio where he can do a lot more social damage.

“Combatting terror in a multicultural society like Australia means working in good faith with communities, not upsizing prisons and police powers. But more force and bigger jails is the Elliott playbook.

“Creating the new Terror portfolio and putting Elliott in charge shows just how many compromises the new Premier has been forced to make with the rising right wing of her party.

“Moving Gabrielle Upton to Local Government Minister is sending a confused message to the sector.

“Upton is a long-standing critic of forced mergers in her local electorate and now she has a real chance to put an end to them across the State.

“The next few days will show if Minister Upton has sold her political soul to remain in the Ministry or if she will take a stand for local democracy.

“The community has been waiting for a reset from the new Berejikilian administration and sadly on civil liberties it looks like more of the Baird old days.

“On local government the jury is still out,” Mr Shoebridge said.