Make a submission against children hunting unsupervised on public land

The government has a proposal on the table which will see children as young as twelve able to hunt unsupervised on public land using bows and arrows, hunting dogs and bowie knives.

It is being driven by the state-subsidised hunting lobby group called the NSW Game Council.

This is yet another example of the government playing with the safety of the public by horse-trading with the fringe right-wing Shooters Party to create an unwanted pro-gun and hunting culture here in NSW.

This change is not yet law and the government has invited public submissions, so let them know your views on this extraordinary proposal.

Please make the time to send a submission directly to the Minster for Primary Industries via their website here and write an email to your local member.

You can visit this page on our website or use the text below for more information.

If you are time poor, you can make a submission directly using the form mailer below.


Dear Minister,

I oppose the proposed Game and Feral Animal Control Regulation 2012, particularly the proposal to license children as young as twelve to hunt unsupervised on public land.

The proposal would allow twelve year old children to hunt unsupervised using bows and arrows, pig dogs and hunting knives.

These methods of hunting feral animals are not only cruel for the animals involved, they can also be highly dangerous for the unsupervised children and any nearby members of the public.

This proposal is highly irresponsible, evidenced by the fact that your proposal requires parents to give an indemnity for any damage or loss that the children might cause or suffer.

Feral animal control is a serious issue in NSW, but it should be done professionally and humanely.

Proposing that children as young as twelve should be able to engage unsupervised in this cruel and dangerous activity is simply outrageous.

I urge the government to stop pandering to the demands of the Shooters Party in the NSW Parliament and start acting in the interests and safety of the majority of residents of NSW.

Yours sincerely,

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