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David Shoebridge and Jason Falinski on ABC24 – 26 November 2016

Lebanese Immigration to Australia Last week Peter Dutton drew a line between the Commonwealth Government and the Australian Lebanese community by stating that former Prime Minister Malcom Fraser “made mistakes” with immigration in the 1970’s.  Australia is a vibrant and successful multicultural society, and there is no place for Mr Dutton’s divisive politics. The Minister for Immigration says […]

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SPEECH – Hunters Hill Congregational Church Property Trust Bill 2013

The video above is David’s speech to the NSW Legislative Council on the Hunters Hill Congregational Church Property trust Bill 2013, where he details the problems with the proposed approach to lifting the genuine administrative burdens of property law. The issue highlights the problem that rises with the trust structure proposed for the Hunters Hill Congregational Church. […]

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Police perjury over Salter death: time to end police investigating police

In response to the release of the damning Police Integrity Commission report into the tragic police shooting of Adam Salter and the subsequent internal police review, which includes recommendations of perjury and disciplinary charges against police, the Greens NSW are calling for an end to police investigate police for all critical incidents. Greens NSW MP […]

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Attorney General and Justice

Victims of Crime betrayed by O’Farrell and Fred Nile

At 4:30am on Thursday morning the O’Farrell government, with the support of the Shooters MPs and Fred Nile, have forced through harsh retrospective cuts to the rights of victims of crime. The complete debate including contributions by all speakers is available on the Parliamentary website here. Greens MP and Justice Spokesperson David Shoebridge said: “The […]

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Curti PIC recommendations: police suspension necessary

Despite damning reports from both the Ombudsman and the Coroner and a fresh recommendation from the PIC that charges be laid against police reportedly for affray, assault and perjury, not a single police officer who was implicated in the tragic events surrounding the death of Roberto Curti has been suspended from duty, again raising the […]

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