Insurance, Compensation and OH&S

Insurance, Compensation and OH&SDavid is working to ensure all workers have access to fair compensation for injuries sustained in the workplace. Workers compensation benefits must be made affordable by increasing the focus on workplace safety and safe return to work – rather than reducing benefits to injured workers.

Workers compensation should be paid by an equitable levy on all employers taking account of each employer’s risk, workplace safety and history of workplace injury.

The law must provide for consistent thresholds, damages, and procedures for the recovery of damages for all injuries to reduce legal complexity, limit arbitrary outcomes and increase certainty for injured people in NSW.

Payments made from the Workers compensation statutory fund must be made and administered by a public authority in the public interest, and not by private insurers acting as independent agents.

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Grill the Ministers at Budget Estimates

It has been a busy year in NSW Parliament, and once again budget estimates are almost upon us. Hearings will be from Thursday 31 August to Friday 8 September 2017. We’d love to hear your thoughts about issues to raise and potential questions to ask. Budget Estimates happen once a year and are one of […]

Insurance, Compensation and OH&S

Unfair, complex and mean – report calls for reform of NSW workers compensation

A new Parliamentary report on the broken NSW workers compensation system was released today recommending major reforms to make the system fairer. There is ample scope for more generous benefits in a scheme that is running a surplus in the order of $1.87 billion. The 26 recommendations made by the Law and Justice committee would […]

CTP changes need to protect rights, reduce insurer profits and bring down premiums

The Government’s announced changes to the CTP scheme will be reviewed against three key criteria by the Greens. Will they protect the rights of the injured, reduce insurer profits and bring down Green slip premiums? Greens MP David Shoebridge said: “This is a complex reform that’s hard to land. It needs to protect people’s rights […]

Standing Committee on Law and Justice [Committee]

This speech was delivered on 20.09.2016 in the NSW Upper House. You can read the original contribution here.  I speak to this unanimous report, entitled “First Review of the Compulsory Third Party insurance scheme”. It is the first review for this Parliament. A series of them have been produced every two years by the Legislative […]

Media Release: Injured police need Parliamentary Inquiry

2 August 2016 The highly distressing intrusive surveillance we saw of psychologically injured police on 4Corners last night shows exactly why we need a parliamentary inquiry in NSW. If you missed it you can watch it now on iview. David was interviewed about this today on ABC Illawarra, listen here:  Greens MP and Justice Spokesperson […]

Media release: Greenslip reforms cut benefits and manual workers will pay the price

Changes to green slips in NSW will see thousands of seriously injured motorists, passengers and pedestrians who are unable to work lose their rights to compensation, with only an empty promise from the Government to reign in insurance company super profits. Greens NSW MP David Shoebridge said: “It is simply untrue that this change is focused […]

Minor compo roll back – a start, but not enough

In the early hours of Thursday morning the Government pushed their most recent raft of changes to Workers Compensation in NSW through the Parliament. The changes roll back some of the savage cuts made to the scheme in 2012, but they do not go far enough. They are putting at most $600 million back into benefits, but […]

Government ignores own evidence on Dust Diseases Board

The NSW Government has out of nowhere come up with a plan to get rid of the Dust Diseases Board despite the first review of the board by the Parliament’s Law and Justice committee resulting in a glowing endorsement of the body. The Government is planning to cut the Dust Diseases Board as part of […]