Police and Emergency Services

Police and Emergency ServicesThe Greens believe that the current police oversight system is in dire need of reform, with the current system seriously failing the community and eroding trust in the NSW Police Force. For the benefit of both the public and police, a well-resourced, independent, fair and prompt police oversight body is essential.

Too many police suffer psychological injury at work and too often they are not given the support needed to cope with their injuries. In consultation with injured police, their families and relevant experts our office released a comprehensive roadmap for reform on police psychological injury.

The Greens NSW want additional resources for the police, to let them respond effectively to domestic and family violence. This includes increasing the availability and number of Domestic Violence Liaison Officers to ensure adequate supervision of general duties officers.

We are also calling for police to be given training in attempting to resolve situations without the use of firearms or Tasers wherever possible. We will be pushing to remove Tasers from the NSW Police Force until additional safeguards are in place, ensuring that only specially trained squads can use Tasers, that they’re are only used as a substitute for firearms in situations where there is a serious threat of violence to a person, and that they are not used to enforce compliance in non-serious situations.

The Greens NSW are the only major party in NSW that opposes the police use of drug dogs. The use of dogs is ineffective at catching drug dealers but has resulted in substantial impacts on civil liberties. Figures obtained by our office show that police drug dogs continue to be ineffective, with a high false positive rate of 64%.


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