Attorney General and Justice

NSW urgently needs a Bill of Rights to ensure our civil liberties are given proper protection under law. This will put NSW on equal footing with many other jurisdictions who have already adopted similar legislation; including the UK, Canada and New Zealand.

Human rights are necessary for people to live lives of dignity and value and are essential to a democratic and inclusive society. They should be set down in a properly legal form so that individuals and authorities know what their rights and obligations are and so they are included in the development and interpretation of legislation. While Australia is now the only western nation not to have a Bill of Rights, the ACT and Victoria have each enacted a Bill of Rights within their own jurisdiction.

Read The draft Bill of Rights for NSW.

Download the 10 Myths about a Bill of Rights… and Why They Are Wrong fact sheet.

David is also working to repeal draconian amendments to the bail laws by both the Liberal and Labor parties that weaken the presumption of innocence, along with a raft of other ‘law and order’ legislation that targets young people, people of ‘middle eastern’ backgrounds and disadvantaged groups.

We must work towards addressing the systemic causes of crime, by creating better educational opportunities and better drug rehabilitation, rather than pouring money into new prisons.

Find out what David’s been doing in parliament to address Justice issues.

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Media release: Two Aboriginal families now closer to justice

Media release 21 August 2017   A second Aboriginal family from New England is closer to obtaining justice for the death of their 17 year old son with his murder investigation now being transferred to the State Crime Command Homicide Squad. Stephen Smith was just 17 when his body was found on the railway tracks […]

Media release: Kids more important than confessionals

Key recommendations from the child abuse Royal Commission handed down today outline essential criminal justice reforms required to provide justice for victims. Something is wrong in our criminal justice system when the defendant was not convicted of any child sexual assault charge in over half of finalised prosecutions. Given the immense trauma of the court […]

Grill the Ministers at Budget Estimates

It has been a busy year in NSW Parliament, and once again budget estimates are almost upon us. Hearings will be from Thursday 31 August to Friday 8 September 2017. We’d love to hear your thoughts about issues to raise and potential questions to ask. Budget Estimates happen once a year and are one of […]

Custody statistics show Liberals and Nationals reinforcing failure

Custody statistics show Liberals and Nationals reinforcing failure At a time when most categories of crime are falling, the ever increasing prison population in NSW is a clear indicator of a Government hamstrung by their own law and order agenda. BOCSAR’s latest custody statistics released today show further increases in number of people in prison […]

Silence is not the answer to another death in custody

Media release 19 July 2017 A 35 year old Kamilaroi man is the most recent Aboriginal death in custody in NSW. His death has not been publicly acknowledged by the NSW Government and his family are demanding answers. News of the death follows the recent release of BOCSAR figures showing that more Aboriginal people are facing […]

Aboriginal incarceration figures a growing shame

Today’s BOCSAR release on Aboriginal incarceration in NSW shows a system in growing crisis, where Aboriginal people consistently fare worse than they have in the past. The report shows that more Aboriginal people are facing our courts, and a greater percentage of those facing court are receiving a custodial sentence. Time in custody is also […]

Treaty Now Petition

  Our Treaty Now stickers have been hugely popular, and we’ve seen them gracing car bumpers, computers and front doors all the way from Redfern out to Wilcannia, up to the Northern Territory and in Victoria and South Australia. If you’d like to support the campaign for a treaty with our first peoples, and show […]

Pell has been charged, the Vatican’s immunity must now end

With Cardinal George Pell today charged with multiple counts of historic child sex abuse, the Greens are renewing the call for Australia to end its diplomatic protection of the Vatican. Greens MP’s have written to the Federal, NSW and Victorian Attorney Generals urging them to implement an extradition treaty with the Vatican and put an […]

Death of Stephen Smith

Mr DAVID SHOEBRIDGE ( 19:42 ): At 3.45 a.m. on 5 October 1995 tragedy struck the small township of Werris Creek, just south of Tamworth. Stephen Smith, known to his friends as Whiffy, was struck and killed by a northbound freight train. Since that time Stephen’s family and friends have been searching for answers. Stephen’s death […]

Motor Accident Injuries Bill 2017

Mr DAVID SHOEBRIDGE ( 18:01 ): On behalf of The Greens I indicate that we support the Motor Accident Injuries Bill 2017. Some people might find The Greens support for this bill surprising, given the strong opposition The Greens have had to the two previous efforts by the Government to reform the compulsory third party […]