Attorney General and Justice

NSW urgently needs a Bill of Rights to ensure our civil liberties are given proper protection under law. This will put NSW on equal footing with many other jurisdictions who have already adopted similar legislation; including the UK, Canada and New Zealand.

Human rights are necessary for people to live lives of dignity and value and are essential to a democratic and inclusive society. They should be set down in a properly legal form so that individuals and authorities know what their rights and obligations are and so they are included in the development and interpretation of legislation. While Australia is now the only western nation not to have a Bill of Rights, the ACT and Victoria have each enacted a Bill of Rights within their own jurisdiction.

Read The draft Bill of Rights for NSW.

Download the 10 Myths about a Bill of Rights… and Why They Are Wrong fact sheet.

David is also working to repeal draconian amendments to the bail laws by both the Liberal and Labor parties that weaken the presumption of innocence, along with a raft of other ‘law and order’ legislation that targets young people, people of ‘middle eastern’ backgrounds and disadvantaged groups.

We must work towards addressing the systemic causes of crime, by creating better educational opportunities and better drug rehabilitation, rather than pouring money into new prisons.

Find out what David’s been doing in parliament to address Justice issues.

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Grandmothers Against Removals rally across the state for National Sorry Day

Grandmothers Against Removals (GMAR) are rallying across the state on National Sorry Day to demand an end to another stolen generation. Since the Bringing them Home report in 1997 the number of Aboriginal child removals has increased five-fold in NSW. For Aboriginal families who see their children continue to be taken at tragic rates, sorry […]

After 25 years Bowraville families finally get real chance at justice

Today we are joining with the families of Clinton Speedy-Duroux, Evelyn Greenup and Colleen Walker, three Aboriginal children who were murdered in Bowraville a quarter of a century ago, to welcome the fact they will finally get their day in Court. All three families, and their communities in Bowraville, Tenterfield and Sawtell have been campaigning […]

Baird slashes teachers in prisons denying inmates second chance education

Plans announced today by the NSW government to sack over three quarters of the teachers in NSW prisons are an appallingly backward and damaging step, especially at a time when prisoner numbers are at record levels and education is a proven way to reduce re-offending, according to NSW Greens MP David Shoebridge. The NSW government […]

Greens Welcome NSW Government Endorsement of Decriminalisation of Sex Work

Greens NSW MP and Status of Women spokesperson Dr Mehreen Faruqi and Greens MP and Justice Spokesperson, David Shoebridge MLC, have welcomed the NSW Government’ endorsement of the current model of sex work decriminalisation. In response to the recommendations of the inquiry into brothel regulation, the NSW Government has ruled out a flawed licensing scheme […]

Bowraville families rally for justice with double jeopardy reform to be debated

  The families of three Aboriginal children murdered at Bowraville, and supporters, will be rallying on Thursday, with NSW Parliament anticipated to debate a bill that would clear the way for justice. The families will meet at 10.30am Thursday 5th May at the Hyde Park Fountain and then proceed to the NSW Parliament. The rally […]

Media release: NSW on track for Guantanamo style laws

Media release 4 May 2016 The Premier’s latest expansion of police powers in the name of terrorism will mean police can imprison and interrogate people for up to 14 days, in the most serious breach of human rights proposed yet by this Government. The laws will extend to children over 14 who will be stripped […]

Baird’s plan to privatise prisons – a risk to NSW democracy

The NSW Coalition’s plan to privatise the State’s prisons is a serious risk to the State’s democracy, putting in place a dangerous incentive for multi-national corporations to lobby and donate to any political party that will drive their profits by gaoling more citizens. Privatised prisons are no solution to the chronic overcrowding in the State’s prisons […]

Abusive Undercover Policing – Adjournment Speech 9 March 2016

              For more information and the original document, click here   [Uncorrected Hansard]   Mr DAVID SHOEBRIDGE [7.03 p.m.]: In 1968 a young boy called John Barker, only eight years old, died from leukaemia. Nineteen years later an undercover United Kingdom police officer called John Dines stole John Barker’s […]

Honorary professorship shows university’s cynical corporate leadership

Documents obtained by the Greens under the GIPA (freedom of information) laws show the university was well aware of the activities of their honorary professor Dr Huang Jeifu in harvesting organs from executed prisoners in China, but they awarded him with an honorary doctorate anyway. As reported by the Sydney Morning Herald: NSW Greens MP […]