Attorney General and Justice

NSW urgently needs a Bill of Rights to ensure our civil liberties are given proper protection under law. This will put NSW on equal footing with many other jurisdictions who have already adopted similar legislation; including the UK, Canada and New Zealand.

Human rights are necessary for people to live lives of dignity and value and are essential to a democratic and inclusive society. They should be set down in a properly legal form so that individuals and authorities know what their rights and obligations are and so they are included in the development and interpretation of legislation. While Australia is now the only western nation not to have a Bill of Rights, the ACT and Victoria have each enacted a Bill of Rights within their own jurisdiction.

Read The draft Bill of Rights for NSW.

Download the 10 Myths about a Bill of Rights… and Why They Are Wrong fact sheet.

David is also working to repeal draconian amendments to the bail laws by both the Liberal and Labor parties that weaken the presumption of innocence, along with a raft of other ‘law and order’ legislation that targets young people, people of ‘middle eastern’ backgrounds and disadvantaged groups.

We must work towards addressing the systemic causes of crime, by creating better educational opportunities and better drug rehabilitation, rather than pouring money into new prisons.

Find out what David’s been doing in parliament to address Justice issues.

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State Crime Command will investigate Mark Haines’ death

The NSW Police have today announced that the State Crime Command will review the case of murdered Aboriginal 17 year old Mark Haines. This announcement comes on the 29th anniversary of Mark’s death as his family and supporters joined with Greens MP David Shoebridge to protest the lack of police action at Tamworth Police station. […]

2016: guns, amalgamations and steel

As the year draws to a close we can look back on some of the campaigning achievements of 2016. It has not been an easy year for progressive politics around the world, but here in NSW we’ve had some results worth celebrating. We have campaigned strongly against forced council amalgamations, resulting in many councils being saved. […]

Sniff Off 2016 Highlights

It’s been a huge year for Sniff Off, the NSW Greens campaign against the use of drug dogs at bars, festivals, and public transport! We’ve put out hundreds of updates on drug dog locations throughout NSW, grown from 8,000 to over 25,000 likes on Facebook, and handed out thousands of flyers at festivals, train stations […]

Response from the Minister for Health about organ harvesting

This year, like many previous years, we presented thousands of signatures to the Parliament from people opposed to organ harvesting and trafficking around the world. The Health Minister’s formal response to these many people raising their concerns is as follows. We think it’s a bit underwhelming.        

Police bugging report shows serious illegal bugging, but whistleblowers still under attack

The NSW Ombudsman’s office has today released their long overdue $10 million report into illegal police bugging. The report has found repeated and systemic illegal bugging by NSW police officers and the Crime Commission. These failures must be addressed by Parliament. Astoundingly no criminal charges are recommended for the illegal bugging, despite dozens of confirmed […]

Operation Prospect – Supreme Court Hearing on 20 December 2016

                                      The Greens usually argue for transparency and making all information publicly available – so why don’t we think the Operation Prospect/police bugging report should be released? Prospect is a more than 4 year inquiry into a […]

Media release: Crime down but the system harsher than ever

Media release 6 December 2016 The latest state-wide crime figures from BOCSAR thankfully show that most crime categories are down. However behind this is a remarkable story of an increase in prison population, more people held in jail awaiting trial and harsher treatment of young people in the justice system. Greens MP and Justice Spokesperson […]

Human Tissue Amendment (Trafficking in Human Organs) Bill 2015 [Speech]

This speech was delivered on 10.11.2016 in the NSW Upper House. You can read the original contribution here. I am extremely pleased to introduce the Human Tissue Amendment (Trafficking in Human Organs) Bill 2016. This bill would make it a crime for citizens of New South Wales to receive organs sourced by illegal and unethical […]

Death of Mark Anthony Haines [Speech]

This speech was delivered on 17.11.2016 in the NSW Upper House. You can read the original contribution here. On 16 January 1988 in the early hours of the morning, a 17‑year‑old Aboriginal boy, Mark Anthony Haines, was found dead on the train tracks outside Tamworth. It had been pouring with rain that night. At all […]