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NSW urgently needs a Bill of Rights to ensure our civil liberties are given proper protection under law. This will put NSW on equal footing with many other jurisdictions who have already adopted similar legislation; including the UK, Canada and New Zealand.

Human rights are necessary for people to live lives of dignity and value and are essential to a democratic and inclusive society. They should be set down in a properly legal form so that individuals and authorities know what their rights and obligations are and so they are included in the development and interpretation of legislation. While Australia is now the only western nation not to have a Bill of Rights, the ACT and Victoria have each enacted a Bill of Rights within their own jurisdiction.

Read The draft Bill of Rights for NSW.

Download the 10 Myths about a Bill of Rights… and Why They Are Wrong fact sheet.

David is also working to repeal draconian amendments to the bail laws by both the Liberal and Labor parties that weaken the presumption of innocence, along with a raft of other ‘law and order’ legislation that targets young people, people of ‘middle eastern’ backgrounds and disadvantaged groups.

We must work towards addressing the systemic causes of crime, by creating better educational opportunities and better drug rehabilitation, rather than pouring money into new prisons.

Find out what David’s been doing in parliament to address Justice issues.

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Aboriginal justice demands far more than another inquiry

The Indigenous incarceration inquiry today announced by the Federal Government is a symbolic recognition of our broken criminal justice system, but comes 25 years after the ground-breaking report from the Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody was handed down. The bulk of these recommendations have still not been implemented. Just last month the Bureau […]


Baird government’s sneaky move to tear down the National Adler ban

Baird’s backflip on the reclassification and importation of the Adler A110 shotgun will put community safety at risk and tear down the National Firearms Agreement. Today’s announcement sees the Baird government pretending to support the importation ban while working to reclassify the weapon to facilitate its importation. Ahead of tomorrow’s meeting with State and Federal […]


Bodgy bail reforms contribute to record increases in prison population

In a report released today BOCSAR have shown failure of the 2013 and 2014 bail amendments to arrest the continued unparalleled growth of the NSW prison population. BOCSAR describes one impact of the reforms as increasing the proportion of bail eligible defendants refused bail. From November 2010 this goes from being around 25% of those […]


Detention of children in NSW falls short of internationally accepted standards

Through our questions in the Corrective Services Budget Estimates it was revealed that in the last two years there have been at least 13 instances of children being held in solitary confinement for periods of more than 24 hours. The Minister for Corrections and the Director of Juvenile Justice also made clear that they had […]

Attorney General and Justice

Coalition response to Privacy Inquiry misses the mark

The Coalition’s proposal to criminalise “revenge porn” will not empower victims and is an inadequate response to the Parliamentary Inquiry’s recommendations for remedies for the serious invasion of privacy. The inquiry found that the right to privacy needs statutory protection but recommended a civil remedy, not the creation of a new criminal offence. With the […]

Newcastle Courthouse 1890 (c)

In the media: Selling the iconic Newcastle Courthouse

With the Government seemingly intent on selling the Newcastle Courthouse, we submitted some information requests to obtain information about the opaque process to date – that has run over-time and over budget. The documents received show this incredible building has been valued at only $6.6 million which is extraordinary given the size and location – “the people of […]

police psych

Media Release: Injured police need Parliamentary Inquiry

2 August 2016 The highly distressing intrusive surveillance we saw of psychologically injured police on 4Corners last night shows exactly why we need a parliamentary inquiry in NSW. If you missed it you can watch it now on iview. David was interviewed about this today on ABC Illawarra, listen here:  Greens MP and Justice Spokesperson […]

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Document destruction at St Albans Boys Home a barrier to justice

The destruction of documents at St Albans Boys home is a real obstacle to justice for many of the victims of this place. Where documents evidencing child sexual abuse are systematically destroyed it is clear that an offence has taken place. Listen to ABC AM coverage of the issue.   As reported by ABC online: […]


Grandmothers Against Removals rally across the state for National Sorry Day

Grandmothers Against Removals (GMAR) are rallying across the state on National Sorry Day to demand an end to another stolen generation. Since the Bringing them Home report in 1997 the number of Aboriginal child removals has increased five-fold in NSW. For Aboriginal families who see their children continue to be taken at tragic rates, sorry […]