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Take a stand for real democracy in your local area

The NSW state government, backed by big business and the developer lobby, is attempting to undermine the democracy and viability of local government in NSW. The O’Farrell government is pushing for heavy handed council amalgamations, which have been proven in other jurisdictions to decrease local democracy and fail to deliver either efficiencies or quality services. […]

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Local Government

O’Farrell looking to break election promise on council amalgamations

The O’Farrell government is moving to break an election promise of no forced council amalgamations with the Local Government Minister stating that he will take a plan of forced amalgamations to cabinet regardless of the promises made before the election. See the Daily Telegraph reporting here.  Greens MP and Local Government spokesperson David Shoebridge said: […]

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Reject corporate greed and keep local government local

Greens NSW MP David Shoebridge has rejected calls by the Sydney Business Chamber for a business-driven plebiscite at this year’s local government elections on forced local council amalgamations across Sydney. “It is up to local councils and communities to decide whether and how they want their councils to amalgamate, not business lobby groups,” Mr Shoebridge […]

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