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Fines Amendment Bill 2017

Mr DAVID SHOEBRIDGE: I note the offensive interjection from the former Government Whip. The object of the bill is to amend the Fines Act 1996 to allow the Commissioner of Fines Administration: (a)to take civil enforcement action against a fine defaulter who is an individual without first suspending or cancelling the fine defaulter’s driver licence […]

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Drug driving laws fail the justice test

With the Government intent on massively increasing the numbers of roadside tests for drugs administered each year by more than 300% attention has rightly been focused on the utter failure of the program to improve road safety. Radio National’s AM program started the year on 1 January 2016 with consideration of the flawed program:   […]

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100,000 NSW residents to be targeted in ‘wasteful, unfair’ roadside drug testing

Information obtained by the Greens through the freedom of information process has shown that the current roadside drug testing regime is arbitrary, invasive and has no relationship to the impairment of drivers on our roads. The complete set of documents obtained through this process is available for download and sharing on our Open Government NSW […]

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