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Greens bushwalking club: join now!

As part of our campaigning to protect wild places (and as a respite from campaigning!) we plan regular bushwalks around NSW with Greens members and supporters. Where possible we have local environmental or Aboriginal heritage experts with us, and we’ll often go on walks that include sites of important environmental or heritage significance. Are you […]

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Parliament calls for the repatriation of the Gweagal shield

The return of key Aboriginal artefacts from the point of first contact between Captain Cook and the First Peoples of Australia was supported by NSW Parliament today after a motion calling for the repatriation of the Gweagal shield and spears from the British Museum and the Cambridge Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology to the Gweagal people passed the […]

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National Royal Commission into children in jail is needed

A Royal Commission into Northern Territory juvenile detention is an important first step after the appalling evidence from last night’s Four Corners, but this Royal Commission must be expanded to cover all states and territories. There is a crisis in our prisons that is not just limited to the Northern Territory, and across the country […]

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Local Government is a National Issue

No nation can achieve its potential if it fails to respect, and properly resource, the level of government closest to the people. The Greens understand this. That’s why we have released a national package to strengthen local government in the regions and in the city. Greens NSW Senator and Local Government Spokesperson, Lee Rhiannon said: “The […]

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Baird’s council mess is far from over, Greens commit to giving residents the ultimate say

Ignoring the wishes of local communities across NSW the Baird Government has announced it will press ahead with its ugly forced amalgamation agenda and has proclaimed 19 forced council amalgamations. Strong and sustainable councils like Tumbarumba, Guyra, Marrickville and Pittwater are being forced to merge despite all the best evidence showing that when councils have […]

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