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Greens bill to stop forced amalgamations

The Greens have a parliamentary package that is simple, democratic and will fix the forced amalgamation mess. As reported by the Mosman Daily: THE  Greens will attempt to end forced council amalgamations with a Bill in NSW Parliament. Upper House MP David Shoebridge will introduce the Bill in the current sitting session. There are 20 […]

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Major parties being bought by the gun lobby

Both Labor and the Coalition have been caught with their hands in the pocket of the gun lobby, with election funding data revealing the gun lobby has donated $353,000 to Australian political parties in the 2015-16 financial year. While Bob Katter’s Party, the Shooters Fishers and Farmers, and David Leyonhjelm’s Liberal Democrats unsurprisingly top the […]

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Community campaign saves local government from forced amalgamations

A strong and principled campaign from communities, councils and the Greens has forced the Coalition Government to back down on its undemocratic forced council amalgamation agenda. Former Premier Baird’s failed forced amalgamations have become politically untenable with reports that no further forced amalgamations will go ahead and plebiscites will be held across the state for […]

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Greens bushwalking club: join now!

As part of our campaigning to protect wild places (and as a respite from campaigning!) we plan regular bushwalks around NSW with Greens members and supporters. Where possible we have local environmental or Aboriginal heritage experts with us, and we’ll often go on walks that include sites of important environmental or heritage significance. Are you […]

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