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Liberal National government’s heartless Martin Place bill passes

Today in National Homelessness Week the Liberal National government rushed through legislation that will allow police to remove the homeless people from Martin Place, seize and destroy their belongings and break up non-“authorised” protests within the CBD. This is a heartless response from a heartless government that would rather see homeless people disappear than take […]

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Shoot to kill powers will not make us safer

Implementing The NSW Coroner’s recommendations in relation to the Lindt Café Siege is important and necessary step in moving forward but cannot come at the expense of our civil liberties. The Coalition’s announcement to tighten parole and give police “shoot to kill” powers  will not make us safer and there is little evidence to suggest […]

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Attorney General and Justice

Punishment without charge, trial or conviction in Mike Baird’s NSW

The Baird Government has tonight passed legislation that allows punishment to be imposed without charge, trial or conviction. The laws which passed the Upper House tonight grant fresh, discretionary powers to police make so-called “public safety orders” that restrict people’s freedom. In a busy night trashing civil liberties the Parliament also created a new form […]

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Media release: NSW on track for Guantanamo style laws

Media release 4 May 2016 The Premier’s latest expansion of police powers in the name of terrorism will mean police can imprison and interrogate people for up to 14 days, in the most serious breach of human rights proposed yet by this Government. The laws will extend to children over 14 who will be stripped […]

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More police powers not the answer

New Attorney General Brad Hazzard and new Police Minister Stuart Ayres today announced a plan to further increase police powers, despite the new Police Minister and Attorney General having been in the job less than a month. The Government’s proposed amendments to LEPRA are likely to further strip protections under s201 of that Act which […]

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Labor lurches to the right on police search powers

The NSW Labor Opposition has fired another volley against civil liberties in NSW, proposing a bill to allow police to exercise search powers for alleged illegal firearms without first obtaining any search warrant. NSW Greens MP and Police spokesperson David Shoebridge said: “This is another knee-jerk response from the opposition who would rather sell out […]

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