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Profiting from child abuse

An opinion piece by David Shoebridge, originally published in the Newcastle Herald. TEN billion dollars is a lot of money. As it turns out, some corporations will do almost anything to access that kind of wealth, including the long-term mandatory detention of children seeking our country’s protection. Detention that we know will cause children irreparable […]

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Opinion: Royal commission is a lasting legacy

In a year of so much ugly politics, it is time to remember some of the good . . . and to embrace the challenges ahead. As published in the Newcastle Herald. What a difference a year makes. On 16 September 2012 my office co-hosted a public forum with the Newcastle Herald where we asked the question: Is there […]

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Blog – Time to fix child sexual abuse punishment

As appeared in the Illawarra Mercury here:  Too many people have turned a blind eye to the sexual abuse of children, writes DAVID SHOEBRIDGE. Since coming into the NSW Parliament almost three years ago, I have worked to ensure that the crime of child sexual abuse is prosecuted as one of the most heinous crimes […]

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Attorney General and Justice

Victims of Crime betrayed by O’Farrell and Fred Nile

At 4:30am on Thursday morning the O’Farrell government, with the support of the Shooters MPs and Fred Nile, have forced through harsh retrospective cuts to the rights of victims of crime. The complete debate including contributions by all speakers is available on the Parliamentary website here. Greens MP and Justice Spokesperson David Shoebridge said: “The […]

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Planned Victims Compensation Cuts – TAKE ACTION

Following on from today’s forum with survivors of abuse, their supporters and advocates, there was a strong sense of community concern about the proposed changes to victims compensation that are embodied in the Victims Rights and Support Bill 2013 which is currently before Parliament.  The presentation that I gave can be downloaded here: 130514 Victims comp emergency […]

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