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Shooters and Fred Nile strike deal with Coalition to betray police

The Shooters Party and Fred Nile have sold out NSW Police, striking a last minute deal with the O’Farrell government to pass the government’s contentious Police death and disability legislation in the NSW Upper House, according to Greens NSW Police spokesperson David Shoebridge. “The modest amendments proposed by Fred Nile and the Shooters Party mean […]

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Firearms and the Games Council

Silencers have no place in NSW

The NSW Government standing up to the Shooters Party and ruling out the general introduction of silencers for firearms is welcome news according to Greens NSW MP and Firearms spokesperson David Shoebridge. As reported in the Sydney Morning Herald | Listen to a report on 2UE on the issue “The government deserves credit for standing […]

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Government should rule out support for firearms legislation

The Shooters Party have legislation before the NSW Parliament aimed at allowing firearm owners who become subject to an apprehended violence order to keep their weapons until they receive a letter in the post from the Police Commissioner revoking their licence. Under the present law the weapons must be surrendered immediately once a firearms owner […]

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ABC Stateline on Firearms

The former NSW Labor government struck a number of deals with the Shooters Party to gain their support in the NSW Upper House. This led to an end to hunting in state forests, the reintroduction of duck hunting and the watering down of firearms legislation.

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Message to Barry – No Guns in Schools

The Greens today are calling on the Coalition government to step away from plans they are developing with the Shooters Party to put guns in schools. ¬†Guns in schools are the first part of the Shooters’ party’s plan to use their sway over Barry O’Farrell to deliver a pro-gun culture here in NSW. As reported […]

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