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Firearms and the Games Council

Time to end private arsenals in NSW

With gun theft, gun ownership and gun crime on the rise in NSW, it is time to take action to reduce the number of guns in circulation in NSW. The Greens NSW will introduce legislation in 2012 to limit the number of firearms owned by registered firearms holders to a maximum of three guns absent […]

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Shooters Propaganda Enters Public Schools

The Game Council has been caught distributing pro-shooting and hunting propaganda to a NSW primary school including graphic pictures of young people with guns together with slaughtered rabbits, goats, pigs, cats and dogs. The material is part of an ongoing campaign by the Game Council to normalise a gun culture in NSW that the Greens […]

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O’Farrell’s sweet pay off for Shooters Party

Just days after the Shooters Party’s support of the government’s public sector wages legislation, the government has opened up more than 140 State Forests for recreational hunting for an unprecedented 10 years. Legislation brought before parliament by the Shooters Party could see a relaxing of regulations regarding air rifles.

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Animal cruelty by recreational hunters

This is the transcript of an adjournment speech David gave in the NSW Legislative Council on 16 June 2011. The original can be found here. The Australian Government report entitled “Assessing Invasive Animals in Australia 2008” identified that invasive pest animals in Australia are estimated to cause losses in excess of $1 billion per year through […]

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O’Farrell needs to come clean on deal with Shooters

Following the introduction of the Firearms Amendment Bill, immediately after the government’s controversial public sector wages bill passed the Upper House, Greens NSW MP David Shoebridge called on Premier O’Farrell to come clean on the deals he has made with the Shooters and Christian Democratic Parties. “NSW needs to know what price Barry O’Farrell has […]

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