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O’Farrell extends IR regime to transport workers

Legislation being rushed through the NSW Upper House today threatens to drag hundreds of transport workers from the Federal Fair Work laws back into the Coalition’s new low-wage NSW public sector system. See Daily Telegraph “Transport workers unions fear ambush in amalgamation” Greens NSW MP and Industrial Relations spokesperson David Shoebridge said: “Not content with […]

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Smith: Grow Up on R18+ Rating

At the SCAG meeting in Adelaide today the vote on the introduction of an R18+ category for video games was derailed by the abstention of the NSW Attorney General on the vote on the matter while all other states and territories agreed to it. Greg Smith told SCAG that the matter would have to be […]

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Drunk and Disorderly takes NSW back to the 80s

The Greens MP David Shoebridge today condemned the Government’s planned reintroduction of Drunk and Disorderly as a criminal offence, through changes to police move on powers, saying it is taking NSW back over 30 years in policing and defies a key recommendation of the Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody. See SMH page 3. […]

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