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O’Farrell extends IR regime to transport workers

Legislation being rushed through the NSW Upper House today threatens to drag hundreds of transport workers from the Federal Fair Work laws back into the Coalition’s new low-wage NSW public sector system. See Daily Telegraph “Transport workers unions fear ambush in amalgamation” Greens NSW MP and Industrial Relations spokesperson David Shoebridge said: “Not content with […]

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O’Farrell: listen to the people and scrap wages bill

Following a 12,000 strong rally outside NSW Parliament house protesting the O’Farrell governments public sector wages policy, Greens NSW MP and Industrial Relations spokesperson David Shoebridge called on the Premier to listen to the people of NSW and scrap this┬áregressive law. “Over 10,000 people took to the streets in the rain today to protest the […]

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O’Farrell needs to come clean on deal with Shooters

Following the introduction of the Firearms Amendment Bill, immediately after the government’s controversial public sector wages bill passed the Upper House, Greens NSW MP David Shoebridge called on Premier O’Farrell to come clean on the deals he has made with the Shooters and Christian Democratic Parties. “NSW needs to know what price Barry O’Farrell has […]

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