Greens MP David Shoebridge has called on the Government to start spending money collected for affordable housing purposes in the Redfern Waterloo area.

“The Redfern Waterloo Authority is able to levy new developments and spend the money collected on affordable housing in the area, but to date it has produced  not a single affordable housing dwelling for students, workers and others who are currently paying high rents,” said David Shoebridge, Greens spokesperson for Housing.

Greens MPs questioned the CEO of the Redfern Waterloo Authority, Roy Wakelin-King, and the Planning and Housing Ministers, during Budget Estimates hearings, about plans for the area.

“Mr. King admitted that not one single affordable home has been built.

“We assume the money collected for this purpose is just sitting in Redfern Waterloo Authority’s bank account.

Mr. Shoebridge today put a series of questions on notice to the Minister for Redfern Waterloo, Kristina Kenneally, asking her why the strategy had not been implemented and when the money would be spent.

“There was a Draft Affordable Housing Strategy completed in 2006 and put out for comment by the Redfern Waterloo Authority. Submissions were taken, but then the whole strategy just fell into a black hole.

“Four years on and the CEO is claiming they don’t have a strategy.

“Clearly the Redfern Waterloo Authority is unable to meet its legislative mission, to develop the area and provide affordable housing.

“This money is urgently needed to provide affordable housing in the inner city. Without an urgent influx of funding, we will not be able to keep moderate income workers close to their jobs, students close to the uni, and older people and Aboriginal people with secure housing in their communities”, Mr Shoebridge said.

Contact: David Shoebridge 0408 113 952 or Colin Hesse (Media officer) 9230 3030 or 0401 719 124