Commenting on the Premier’s announcement that she was taking control of the Barangaroo project, Greens NSW MP and Planning spokesperson David Shoebridge today called for the Premier to stop meddling and hand the whole project back to the City of Sydney.

“By taking control of Barangaroo, Premier Keneally has shown a complete lack of faith in the Minister for Planning Tony Kelly,” Mr Shoebridge said.

“The Premier is obviously finding it difficult to let go of her old portfolio.

“Since the Premier established the Barangaroo Delivery Authority in 2009, delays, obfuscations and constant redesigns have completely stalled the process.

“The Redfern Waterloo Authority, also being overseen by the Premier, is the same story. Nothing has been built.

“These ad hoc planning authorities are wasting millions of taxpayer dollars and months and months of time.

“Barangaroo is the single biggest development site in Australia and needs close attention from a competent planning authority.

“Rather than further centralise planning power in the Premier, the State government should admit its limitations and hand the whole project back to the City of Sydney.

“The City of Sydney’s Central Sydney Planning Committee has a good record of delivering quality urban design following real public consultation. It is well and truly capable of delivering Barangaroo.

“NSW needs a coherent planning system, not a meddling Premier.

“The Greens are calling for the return of planning powers to competent local councils, which can then get on with delivering quality urban development for their residents,” Mr Shoebridge said.


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