The Shooters Party and Fred Nile have sold out NSW Police, striking a last minute deal with the O’Farrell government to pass the government’s contentious Police death and disability legislation in the NSW Upper House, according to Greens NSW Police spokesperson David Shoebridge.

“The modest amendments proposed by Fred Nile and the Shooters Party mean that the O’Farrell government’s attack on police death and disability benefits remains little changed,” Mr Shoebridge said.

“The government’s legislation delivers a low-cost and unfair scheme that will leave seriously injured police paying the price for their service to the State.

“Police deserve better than this. Slashing benefits will not make the job any safer or reduce the number of injuries suffered by police.

“With their benefits cut there is a real risk we will see seriously injured police remaining at work despite the risk to their health simply because they can’t afford to leave the police force. This will likely only compound their injuries and place their fellow officers and the public at risk.

“By supporting the O’Farrell government’s attack on Police disability benefits, the Shooters Party and Fred Nile have revealed themselves as well out of touch with the genuine needs of serving police.

“Police do some of the toughest and most challenging work and when they are injured, they should expect their government will fairly compensate them. Sadly, after tonight’s vote, they no longer have this protection,” Mr Shoebridge said.