The clear agenda from the first twelve months of the O’Farrell government has been the attack on the wages and conditions of people in NSW, highlighting the importance of collective action and solidarity between working people in NSW.

The Greens have been at the forefront of opposing these changes, ensuring that the public spotlight is on O’Farrell, and making small improvements to terrible legislation where possible.  

Moves against working people by the O’Farrell government, only possible through the support of the Guns n’ Moses Coalition of the Shooters Party and Fred Nile’s CDP, include:

  • Capping wage increases for public sector workers at 2.5 per cent, less than the rise in cost of living.
  • Removing the independent umpire from wage determinations by overriding the Industrial Relations Commission
  • Stripping out the Police Death and Disability scheme to leave injured police officers without proper compensation.
  • The closure of emergency services facilities such as Perisher Fire Station.
  • The privatisation of Forests NSW nurseries, NSW prisons and the electricity industry.
  • Moving to introduce competitive unionism and impose gargantuan penalties on unions who strike.
  • Pending cuts to WorkCover which will see many injured workers pushed into poverty.

While the negative effects of O’Farrell’s anti-worker regime will be felt for years to come, the outcome could have been worse.

The Greens have scrutinised, both in the parliament and the media, every move the government has tried to make. In this way we have been able to retain unions right to prosecute for OHS breaches and saved local government employees from attacks on their job security.

The Coalition look set to govern NSW for a good while to come, and we can be sure the attacks on the wages and conditions of working people will continue.

Only by working together can we protect the wages and conditions of working people in NSW. From NSW Parliament House and within the community, the Greens will continue to keep the spotlight on the government and campaign for progressive change.

Besides working to repeal these unfair laws, we will campaign to ensure NSW is the forerunner for wages and conditions for working people in NSW.

This includes reversing the attacks on the ability of working people to organise collectively to fight for their rights, as well as introducing new ideas like portable long service leave for every working person in NSW.

We hope you’ll continue to work with us to achieve these outcomes.

In solidarity,



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