The deal is in between the O’Farrell government and the radical Shooters Party in the NSW Parliament with the Shooters presenting their legislative amendments to Parliament allowing amateur hunting in National Parks and moving for the first time to outlaw anti-hunting protests. This week the NSW Greens referred the deal to ICAC to investigate for corruption.

Greens MP and Environment spokesperson Cate Faehrmann said:

“The bill tabled today only excludes 48 of our national parks and other types of reserves. This will leave 771 open to recreational hunters at this point in time. It’s disgraceful that Barry O’Farrell has sold off public safety, the environment, animal welfare and native wildlife to the extreme demands of the Shooters Party.

“When is the truth about this shambolic deal going to come out? This bill is contrary to the promise from last week that only 79 parks and reserves would be open.

“National parks are iconic and hold a special place for most Australians. It is just astounding that Mr O’Farrell thinks he can sell them out for a dirty political deal with the Shooters party.

“What makes this deal even worse is that recreational ground shooting is recognised by feral species experts as completely ineffective at eradicating species,” Ms Faehrmann said.

Greens MP and Firearms spokesperson David Shoebridge said:

“Shamefully this proposed law protects hunters while it criminalises protestors. It is hard to imagine a more aggressive attack on both our environment and our right to protest.

“This week the NSW Greens referred the entire political deal, where the Shooters get access to National Parks in return for the unprincipled sell-off of the electricity generators to ICAC.

“The conduct of the Premier has smeared politics in this State and is arguably corruption with the deal impeding the ability of the Shooters MPs to assess the privatisation legislation on its merits.

“The deal also means that many Coalition MPs will be bound to vote for shooting in National Parks, not because it is right, but in order to firm up the privatisation deal with the Shooters.