It is essential that people from across the community understand the real impact of the O’Farrell government’s proposed changes to NSW planning laws.

Download an information sheet on the planning law changes

In July the NSW government released a Green Paper; setting out its broad intentions for planning law reform.  The Green paper came after a NSW Planning System Review; that was far more detailed, more consultative, and more balanced in its recommendations for reform.

The Government’s Green Paper outlines a terribly unbalanced and developer friendly set of planning laws that remove all community involvement in almost every development decision across NSW.

The Green Paper removes Ecologically Sustainable Development (ESD) as one of the key objectives of the NSW planning system. It seeks to substitute an unspecified form of community engagement during strategic planning in place of ALL community involvement in development assessment.

It also proposes a range of fundamental changes to the planning system that will water down planning controls, grant developers (but not the community) greater appeal rights, entrench and enhance the corrupting influence of private certifiers in the system and further remove local communities’ powers to determine land use zonings in their area.

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Get involved, spread the word and stand up for your local community.

The sample submission below is intended to assist Greens members and supporters and other interested parties to make a submission on the Green Paper proposals. You can use it to make a quick submission, or as a starting point for your own.

Short, personalised written submissions are often very compelling and can be very useful to pressure the Government on important community concerns. More detailed ways to make submissions follow.

Submissions and comments on the Planning Green Paper were accepted from the public until 14 September 2012.

Download a copy of our final submission: GREENS NSW Submission on Planning Green Paper

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