NB – This piece has been baldly plagiarised from tompride.wordpress.com

A severely disabled Leicester King faces having to find work after being declared fit to work by WorkCover following a work capacity test. This was despite being registered dead and suffering severe 550-year-old sword wounds to the head.

The dead monarch, Richard Plantagenet, was called for a reassessment of his fitness for work by WorkCover after it was discovered the deposed King had spent years lying around a Leicester City Council car park doing absolutely nothing.

As a result of the reassessment by WorkCover, the last royal descendant of the House of York was told that, without any need for a further medical assessment he was declared fit to work more than 15 hours a week as a result of an internal Workers Compensation work capacity test.

The letter from WorkCover states it considers Mr Plantagenet’s lack of eyes doesn’t prevent him from “finding his way around familiar and unfamiliar places” and the fact he is bereft of life does not mean his “capability for work is limited.”

However, the deceased king has questioned the assessment, claiming he has been registered dead since he was killed and crudely buried by his successor Henry VII during the Battle of Bosworth in 1485.

The former Monarch was advised of his review rights within WorkCover concerning the Work Capacity test and was also told something about WIRO but being prohibited from accessing any form of legal assistance he is not expected to be able to review the determination.

The Premier was not available for comment and his spokesperson said he did not support a republic at this time despite the allegations concerning King Richard’s corrupt regime.  Editor’s note: These comments do not appear to address the unfairness in the system.