By keeping up the pressure on the Premier, we can end the madness of amateur hunting on public land and put professionals back in charge of feral animal control.

Greens MPs like David and Mehreen Faruqi will continue to advocate for a complete end to amateur hunting on public land, but we can’t do it without the help of people like you.

How you can get involved:

More details below.


Greens NSW Firearms spokesperson David Shoebridge said:

“The Game Council was set up in 2002 by the Labor Party in a deal with the Shooters and for a decade they have been little more than a publicly funded lobby group pushing guns, hunting and bloodsports.

“Both Shooters Party MPs in NSW Parliament are former chairmen of the Game Council, which gives some idea of how the organisation is run.

“Despite millions of dollars being spent on the Game Council, in the decade of amateur hunting in state forests not one feral population has been successfully controlled in a single State Forest. The government should immediately take the next step and suspend hunting in state forests.

“Only 4.2 full time equivalent Game Council staff police the actions of more than 16,000 amateur hunters across 400 state forests covering 2 million hectares of public land. This is pretend policing and is indicative of a ramshackle organisation more interested in pushing bloodsports on children than ensuring safe, effective and humane feral pest control,” Mr Shoebridge said.

Greens NSW Environment spokesperson Cate Faehrmann said:

“The community will be very happy with this decision and will be desperately hoping that its more than a temporary reprieve. The deal to open parks to recreational hunters never had anything to do with genuine feral animal control and the public saw straight through the government’s spin.”

“Hard battles have been fought over many decades for the declaration of national parks, reserves and state conservation areas for wildlife conservation. These battles were not fought to see them become play grounds for recreational hunting. The community has told the government loud and clear that they won’t stand for it,” Ms Faehrmann said.


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What you can do:

Greens MP Jamie Parker will present signed petitions in the NSW Legislative Assembly. 500 signatures will ensure a direct response from Barry O’Farrell. 10,000 signatures will see the issue debated in NSW Parliament. Every signature will ensure that your voice is heard.

 The petition  can be downloaded here

The expansion of amateur recreational hunting of feral animals from state forests to national parks represents a broken promise by the Premier. It is highly likely that he does not have the complete support of his backbench for this plan.

By lobbying your local member, particularly if they are a member of the government, you can keep the heat on the government and let them know that deals like this don’t come cheap.

 You can find contact details for lower house MPs here

A good way to draw attention to the issue is to organise a local protest, potentially outside the electorate office of your local member of parliament.

If you want David, or another Greens MP, to come and speak at your protest and help spread the word, including local media, get in contact with our office via [email protected] or call (02) 9230 3030.

Animal welfare and environment organisations are setting up campaigns amongst their networks to oppose Barry O’Farrell’s plan. In 2009, the Greens combined with organisations like these to stop hunting in national parks, let’s do it again.

 Thanks in advance for getting involved.

Thanks also to everyone who got involved in opposing the proposal for children as young as twelve to be able to hunt unsupervised on public land. Hundreds of people have made submissions and signed petitions against the proposal.

Read more about that campaign here.