By imposing hundreds of thousands of new houses and hectare after hectare of high rise development on local communities across Sydney, without ever speaking to local residents or putting aside any funds to meet essential infrastructure, the O’Farrell government has broken its pre-election promise on planning with a re-heated metro strategy that repeats the former Labor government’s fundamental mistakes.

David Shoebridge Greens MP and Planning Spokesperson said:

“The O’Farrell metro strategy announcement is marked by the same lack of consultation and failure to fund infrastructure that saw Labor’s 2005 and 2010 metro strategies fail.

“The O’Farrell government is planning to bulldoze suburbs across Sydney in order to deliver for the development industry and it has hatched these plans without ever troubling the local residents who will be most impacted.

“Announcing hundreds of thousands of jobs in western Sydney without putting aside a single dollar to deliver the promise is empty politics.

“Western Sydney will not be helped by another pretty metro strategy while its public transport, roads, hospitals and schools are all failing to meet existing demand, let alone the demand from another half a million people.

“This government promised in its Blueprint for Change to put “Community participation is at the centre of the new planning system.”

“Both the Metro strategy and the recent land releases have occurred despite the Government still being engaged in the review of planning in NSW with the release of the Planning White Paper imminent.

“These recent announcements prove that the consultation process for the government’s planning reforms is little more than a sham,” Mr Shoebridge said.