On 19 April 2013 submissions closed on the current proposal for the Newcastle Urban Renewal Strategy. we made a submission on this strategy, which can be downloaded from here: Newcastle Urban Renewal Strategy. The Government’s proposal is available online here.

Planning (transparent)

This strategy presents a unique opportunity to plan for the future of the second biggest city in NSW. The right strategy can allow Newcastle to flourish as a vibrant and sustainable, walkable and liveable city. Sadly this strategy does not provide such a plan.

The primary concern the Greens NSW and many community members share about this proposal is the plan to cut the rail line at Wickham.

It is a cause for concern that the Government has announced this strategy for consultation, whilst also giving the impression that they intend to push forward with their plans, regardless of community opposition.

A renewal whose most notable feature is the removal of public transport infrastructure and the shuffling around of public services does not satisfy the longer term needs to plan for the growth and sustainability of Newcastle.

For many in the Newcastle community these flaws are so serious that they conclusively compromise the renewal strategy and require a complete overhaul of this proposal. This position is also maintained by the Greens NSW.