Stop PoliceDespite damning reports from both the Ombudsman and the Coroner and a fresh recommendation from the PIC that charges be laid against police reportedly for affray, assault and perjury, not a single police officer who was implicated in the tragic events surrounding the death of Roberto Curti has been suspended from duty, again raising the failings of the NSW Police oversight system.

Greens NSW MP and Police spokesperson David Shoebridge said:

“We have now had scathing reports from the Ombudsman and Coroner and the PIC recommending charges against police for assault, affray and perjury, yet not a single officer has been suspended from duty.

“When three independent oversight bodies make such negative conclusions and the Commissioner of Police does nothing, it is clear evidence that the system for police oversight in NSW is broken.

“It is over a year since Roberto’s tragic death, and the officers involved still continue to be on active duty, despite increasing concerns that their actions were entirely inappropriate.

“What will it take for the NSW government to institute an independent police complaints body with the power to suspend officers as appropriate?

“The reports as to wrongful use of weapons, assault, affray and perjury go to the very heart of policing in NSW and, if nothing is done, public confidence in the NSW Police will be eroded.

“Both the Police Minister and the Commissioner have a responsibility to ensure the public have confidence that the police they meet in the street are above reproach.

“Police investigating police increasingly undermines the public’s trust in the police.

“The Greens continue to call for an independent investigation to be triggered every time the police are involved in the death or serious injury of a member of the public,” Mr Shoebridge said.