This speech was delivered on 5/3/2014 in the NSW Upper House.

Mr DAVID SHOEBRIDGE: My question without notice is to the Hon. Duncan Gay, representing the Minister for Primary Industries. When will the O’Farrell Government distance itself from the environmentally-destructive comments of the Prime Minister last night when he said that Australia has too much forest that is protected from logging? Will the Minister commit to maintaining the integrity of the New South Wales forest reserve system in both State forests and national parks?

The Hon. DUNCAN GAY: One day, this bloke will make it east of George Street and find out that there are real people living in communities in New South Wales that have suffered because of comments and actions like that from The Greens. Tell that story to the people of the Pilliga. Tell that story to the people from Baradine, people who were promised a better life, a new Nirvana, with a green-led recovery that would bring the tourists flocking. Most people from Baradine have no job, no hope, no future, and it is because The Greens and the Labor Party shut down their industry. Those people worked for years. Those workers saved up and paid off their houses. Their houses are now absolutely worthless. Tony Abbott sticks up for people like that, yet The Greens want me to condemn him. Get real!