Media Release: Corruption findings in SES must lead to reinstatement of brave whistleblower

The NSW government must immediately move to reinstate whistleblower Tara McCarthy, the former Deputy Commissioner of the SES, in light of today’s ICAC findings that Ms McCarthy was corruptly dismissed despite being a competent and valued public servant.
Greens MP and Justice Spokesperson David Shoebridge said:

“Today’s ICAC findings make it clear that former Deputy Commissioner McCarthy was corruptly dismissed despite being an effective and valuable employee. justice trans

“The ICAC has found that Ms McCarthy was dismissed in reprisal for raising perfectly valid concerns about waste, mismanagement and potential corruption in the SES.

“Too often it is the brave whistleblower who uncovers corruption who ends up being financially and emotionally damaged for the crime of doing the right thing.

“Ms McCarthy is a valued public servant who was dismissed for entirely improper reasons.  The only honourable and decent response for the NSW government is to give her back her job.

“The public wants people like Ms McCarthy in the public service, people who put the public interest ahead of their own personal interests.

“Failing to reinstate Ms McCarthy will be a  warning to future whistleblowers that, even if they are comprehensively vindicated, their career will never recover,” Mr Shoebridge said.

Key Findings of the ICAC:

“In her nine months as a deputy commissioner, Ms McCarthy accomplished a significant amount of change in the SES.”

“Ms McCarthy satisfactorily discharged the tasks required of her under her performance agreement.” and

“Commissioner Kear engaged in corrupt conduct by dismissing Ms McCarthy from her employment with the SES substantially in reprisal for her making allegations about the conduct of his friend, Mr Pearce.”