WorkCover bullying inquiry shows regulator failing on all levels
WorkCover Bullying Report
The report released today by the Parliamentary Committee inquiry into WorkCover bullying confirms what many workers and WorkCover employees have known for some time – it is an organisation in chaos with an entrenched culture of bullying that is failing in its task of protecting NSW workers.

Greens MP and Industrial Relations Spokesperson David Shoebridge said:

“When the Greens called for this inquiry it was in response to many concerning reports of bullying within WorkCover.

“With this unanimous report it is now a matter of public record that bullying within WorkCover is rife and senior management have consistently failed to address this.

“WorkCover, which is meant to be regulating work safety across the state, has shown itself unable to even address bullying in its own ranks.

“The responsibility for these failures rests squarely with senior management who have fundamentally failed to accept the proven instances of bullying by WorkCover.

“This culture of bullying and denial must be addressed before anyone can have confidence that WorkCover is up to the job of being a state-wide workplace regulator.

“This report is damning of the culture and capacity of WorkCover and demands a complete overhaul of how the regulator is oversighted.

“The unanimous report also called for the urgent implementation of Statewide anti-bullying laws, a proposal which would provide essential protection for thousands of working people in the public sector.

“This is a stark wake-up call to WorkCover and the new minister for Finance Dom Perrottet to urgently fix ths broken and dysfunctional Workplace regulator,” Mr Shoebridge said.

The report is available here.