This question was asked on 14/10/2014. You can see the original contribution here.

Mr DAVID SHOEBRIDGE: My question without notice is directed to the Hon. Duncan Gay, representing the Minister for Primary Industries. Noting the destruction of wombat burrows in Glenbog State Forest as a result of forestry operations earlier this year that resulted in a number of wombats being buried alive, can the Minister advise what protections are in place for non-endangered native animals in logging operations across the State, including wombats, kangaroos, wallabies and sugar gliders?

The Hon. DUNCAN GAY: I am unaware of the situation that the honourable member talks about but certainly I will take the question on notice and obtain a detailed answer. I have to say that the thought of accidentally burying wombats alive is a little far-fetched to me. Wombats have the best burrowing mechanisms that I have seen.

Mr David Shoebridge: You know nothing.

The Hon. DUNCAN GAY: I would probably join an exclusive club that you would head up if that was the case. From my observation of wombats over a number of years their ability to burrow and come out of situations is quite exemplary.