Gun control advocates and victims of crime joined David Shoebridge and ALP Member for Prospect Hugh McDermott at NSW Parliament House today to call for a ban on the importation of the Adler A110 lever action shotgun, a quick fire weapon that can deliver 8 shots in 8 seconds.

The media were asked to watch this video from the Sporting Shooters Association which proudly claims the Adler A110 is uniquely designed for Australia’s gun laws – a way of circumventing the strong controls put in place following the Port Arthur massacre. Watch from 7:28 on.


  • Anti-gun lobbyists demand ban on Adler 110 lever-action shotgun
  • Claim rapid fire shotgun designed to get around tough gun laws
  • Shotguns being imported by Bob Katter’s son-in-law Robert Noia
  • 7000 of the weapons already on order in Australia

AUSTRALIA’S newest shotgun can fire eight bullets in eight minutes and anti-gun lobbyists claim it has been designed to circumvent the country’s tough gun laws.

They are as powerful as a pump-action shotgun — like the one used by Martin Place gunman Man Monis — but will be available to any recreational shooters holding Category A licences who are usually restricted to single-shot firearms.

More than 7000 of the Turkish-made Adler110 lever shotguns are on order in Australia.

Mary Cusumano, whose husband Angelo was shot dead in his store in 1995, yesterday joined the push to ban the Adler110, which has an eight-shot magazine but unlike other rapid fire guns is not restricted to the limited number of licence holders with Category C and D licences.

More than 7000 of the Turkish-made Adler110s are already on back order at $795 each ready to arrive when a temporary Federal Government ban on them ends in August next year.

“I can’t understand what we are doing even thinking about allowing the Adler 110 into this country,” mother-of-four Ms Cusumano said at NSW Parliament House today.

Martha Jabour, Executive Director, Homicide Victims Support, with Mary Cusumano at the anti-gun rally by Gun Control Australia at NSW Parliament House.

She said there were laws protecting the public from speeding drivers, drunk drivers and to make backyard pools safe.

“We are not protecting anyone by allowing this,” Ms Cusumano said.

Anti-gun lobbyists say the Adler110 has been designed specifically to circumvent the country’s gun laws introduced after the Port Arthur massacre.

Firearms supporters Justin Luke and Stephen Brasher at the anti-gun rally at Parliament House. Picture: Danny Aarons
Greens MP David Shoebridge at the rally at Parliament House. Picture: Danny Aarons

Today’s launch of a campaign to ban the gun coincides with a meeting of the country’s police ministers, Attorneys-General and justice ministers in Canberra today where NSW Greens MP David Shoebridge said they would be discussing the gun laws.

Former Prime Minister Tony Abbott intervened in July to temporarily ban the Adler110 7+1 shotgun, saying the imports would be halted until after the completion of the National Firearms Agreement.

The review, which was initiated after the deadly Lindt Cafe siege, will also consider the Adler110.

It is billed as “tailor-made for fast and furious pig shooting from the bike, quad or all-terrain vehicle.”

Australia’s newest shotgun, the Adler110 7+1 shotgun, appears in a NIOA TV YouTube video. Picture: YouTube

But the ban will be automatically lifted in August after negotiations by controversial Senator David Leyonhelm.

The guns are being imported by Robert Nioa, the son-in-law of federal MP Bob Katter.

According to the NIOA website, there are no public safety issues linked to the lever action shotguns which have “been available in Australia for the last 130 years.”