160322 David at Bellingen Forest ProtestThere is a growing call for Bellingen’s beautiful Tarkeeth State Forest to be protected from Forestry Corporation, with Greens MP, Justice and Forestry Spokesperson David Shoebridge joining out the front of Parliament with environmental activists protesting today.

While Forest protectors protested outside NSW Parliament, The Greens moved a motion inside calling for an end to Forestry Corporation’s aerial spraying regime and the proposed logging operations. This was opposed by the Baird Government who continues to support the loss-making logging industry.

Greens MP and Forestry Spokesperson David Shoebridge said:

“The local community of Bellingen has today come to Parliament to send a direct message to the Baird Government to protect them from logging and stop the aerial spraying of these forests.

“The Tarkeeth is home to precious koala habitat, identified old growth forest and is rich in Aboriginal heritage. It is no wonder the Bellingen community are so passionate in their campaign to save it.151223 protect our forests for the future square

“There is an urgent need to protect the Tarkeeth Forest before it is too late and the environmental damage we saw in Tuckers Nob is repeated in the Tarkeeth.

“This is an opportunity for the Government to invest in sustainable long term jobs in our forests, but instead they continue to support the loss-making logging industry.

“In the long run the Tarkeeth is worth far more standing than logged and it must be protected.” Mr Shoebridge said.