160812 David and HarrietGreens MP David Shoebridge and forestry campaigner Harriet Swift visited the Eden Chip Mill site on Friday 12 August to call no more government subsidies to be handed to the loss-making Eden Chip Mill, and instead invested in a sustainable transition package that prioritises jobs, the environment and tourism.

The Eden Chip Mill jetty and conveyor system were badly damaged in a storm earlier this year and the Coalition Government now has a choice. Will they continue to subsidise the loss-making woodchip industry or will they use this as an opportunity to implement a sustainable transition package and finally put an end to native forest logging?

Greens MP and Forestry Spokesperson David Shoebridge said:

“Wood chipping native forests is one of NSW’s most damaging rural industries. It has been responsible for the clear-felling of native forests, while producing ongoing losses for both the chip mill and the NSW taxpayer.

“The fact is that no more taxpayer dollars should be spent on rebuilding or propping up a loss-making industry that destroys our forests and native wildlife habitats.

“The NSW Government needs to acknowledge the reality and transition workers towards a future where jobs and forests are managed sustainably for the good of the community and the environment.

“It is time that our southeast forests were protected from logging so the habitat of the koalas, powerful owls and so many other unique species was no longer under threat.” Mr Shoebridge said.

Forestry Campaigner Harriet Swift said:

“The new owners have had more than enough time to demonstrate that they are willing and able to take a different approach from their predecessors.

“It has been business as usual since they took over in December last year except  that they are even more will to rely on taxpayer handouts.